Workshops FAQ

We have tried to assemble a list of the most common questions we receive at Lily Dale Assembly. We hope you are able to find your answer here. If not, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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Do I need to pre register for a workshop or can I sign up at the door?

We prefer that you pre register for workshops, especially if there is limited space. Walk-ins are accepted at most workshops — depending on if there is room still available. Don’t wait — register now!

How do I pre register for a workshop(s)?

There are two options available to register for a workshop(s):

1. Register online. Go to the workshop that you would like to sign up for and click Read More. Go to the bottom of the page and enter how many tickets you would like and then click Register Now. Go to the shopping cart and then check out! It’s that easy!!

2. Register by calling the Lily Dale Assembly office at (716) 595-8721 between 10:00 am – Noon & 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

What happens if I pre register, but then I am unable to attend?

Workshops are non transferable.  There are no refunds.

Do I get a refund if the workshop is cancelled?

Full refunds are given only in the event that Lily Dale Assembly has to cancel a workshop.

Do I need a receipt to attend the workshop or special event?

Receipts will be required for the following Special Events. When registering for all other Special Events/Workshops, the registrant’s name will be added to a class list. In order to enter the presentation, each registrant must present the Workshop Coordinator with valid ID to match the name on the class list. Therefore, when registering, it is necessary to register each participant’s name individually.

I pre registered today for a workshop that is in 2 days, how will I get my ticket in time?

If you pre register and the workshop is in less than 1 week, your ticket will held for you at the door of the event.

What if I forget to bring my ticket(s) with me?

Please a advise the workshop coordinator at that workshop that you have lost your ticket.


Readings FAQ

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Is there a fee for public demonstration of Mediumship?

Public demonstrations of mediumship are included in the gate fee and are held three times a day through season, as well as at the Lily Dale Auditorium service daily at 2:30 pm. For a private consultation refer to the program or see our Registered Mediums page.

Who does the public demonstrations?

Along with the Registered Mediums, visiting and student mediums may be invited to serve by making their interest known to the chairperson of the event.

Can you recommend a Registered Medium for a private consultation?

No, we cannot recommend a Registered Medium for a private consultation. All of our Registered Mediums go through a required set of standards as set forth by the bylaws of Lily Dale Assembly and the Lily Dale Board of Directors.

How do I arrange for a private consultation?

Private consultations are to be obtained by you making personal arrangements. The only Mediums permitted to give private readings in Lily Dale are those who are registered by Lily Dale Assembly. A list of the Registered Mediums can be found on our website, our 2016 Program and on the boards located on the outside wall of the Lily Dale Auditorium and the entrance to the Leolyn Woods.

How can I decide which Registered Medium to make an appointment with?

There are several ways to decide on whom you would make an appointment. When looking over the list, a name may stand out to you. If you are on the grounds, walk around and a particular medium's sign or house may stand out to you. Also, by attending the public demonstrations, you may be drawn to one of the Registered Mediums that are serving that day. You can then check with them to see if they are available.  You may also call, email or see websites of Registered Mediums for more information.

Do I call the Lily Dale Assembly office to make an appointment?

No, you do not call the Lily Dale Assembly office. Please contact the Registered Medium's directly by telephone or email to schedule an appointment.

Do I need to schedule an appointment before I come to Lily Dale?

Because of the success of our recent documentary, please call well in advance. We cannot guarantee that there will be appointments available upon your arrival.

I would like to have a group reading, phone reading or email reading — how do I know which Registered Medium offers these services?

Please go the Registered Mediums page and select a name from the list to contact. If they are unable to assist you with one of these services,  they would be able to refer you to another medium that could assist you.

What is the fee for a private consultation?

The Registered Mediums set their own individual fees. Fees vary.  Fees are not a reflection of the quality of the reading you will receive. Please inquire about the fee when making your appointment.

Can I get a tape recording of my private consultation?

Please inquire when making your appointment.

How long does a private consultation last?

The average length of a private consultation is one-half hour.  Please inquire when making your appointment.

What suggestions are there for receiving a private consultation?

  1. Mediumship is not fortune telling. A good reading should explain the philosophy of living right. EXPECT TRUTH

  2. Allow the medium to proceed in his or her manner. Do not expect your first problem to be discussed at once. BE PATIENT

  3. No medium wants or needs help, but do not attempt to confuse them. Let them know when they are correct. BE FAIR

  4. Skepticism, demanding proof, arguing or wanting things done your way only leads to failure. EXPECT GOOD

  5. Spirit often manifests by name. Evidence comes in many other ways, descriptions, relationships, simple tests, etc. BE WILLING TO VERIFY

  6. Do not be too quick to say "no". Welcome the spirit even if you are unable to recognize immediately. Later, you may recall the name of the incident. BE OPEN

  7. The true value of a reading is not always measured by prophecy. Prediction is always possible, but you have free will to make changes.

  8. Seek a medium's help at a time when you are relaxed and undisturbed. Put your mind at ease.

  9. Every medium has his or her unique way. It is unfair to compare the abilities of mediums.

  10. Do not try to prolong a reading. The medium realizes when the force is gone.

  11. Before going to a meeting where there is communication with the spirit world, by means of circle, public seance, outdoor meetings or private sitting, ask your spirit loved ones to attend the meeting with you.

  12. If you wish to ask a question or questions, ask spirit well in advance of the meeting. Give them ample time to get an answer. No spirit claims to have an answer on the spur of the moment.

REMEMBER: Although those in spirit can see further than we, they do not profess to have all the answers, just as we, here, in the physical world cannot know everything.