Off Season In Lily Dale

In the off season Lily Dale is still open to the public. Feel free to come and walk around our grounds–without paying a gate fee–during the spring, fall and winter. Daily and weekly events are not held during the off season. Registered medium services are available all year.

The Lily Dale Spiritualist Church and the Church of the Living Spirit offer classes and other opportunities for exploring healing, mediumship and other facets of spiritual development during the off season. Please check their websites for more detailed information.

The Maplewood Hotel, Leolyn Hotel and campgrounds are closed for the season until start of the season in June. There are private guest homes available to meet your accommodation needs.

The Lily Dale Bookstore/Souvenir Shop is closed until start of the season in June. Please contact The Bargain Shoppe and Crystal Cove for their off season hours.

The following buildings are on limited hours for the off season until start of the season in June:

  • Marion Skidmore Library
  • Lily Dale Museum

Public facilities are available (closed during cold weather).

Feel free to use the Contact Form if more information is needed.