Forest Temple

Forest Temple

The Forest Temple, located on East Street, is an area of tranquility. It is here that messages from Spirit are delivered through mediums that are registered on the grounds as well as those who are visiting or are students. The Temple has been operating since 1894.

Like Inspiration Stump, Forest Temple is an area of spiritual, emotional and mental upliftment. Services are held at the Forest Temple daily at 4:00pm. There are no Forest Temple Services on Sundays.

(In the event of inclement weather, this service will move indoors. Bell will be ring to indicate location.)

Services are held Monday – Saturday at 4:00 pm
During our Summer Season

2014 Forest Temple Schedule

August 4 - 9Connie Griffith
August 12 - 17Lauren Thibodeau
August 18 - 23James Barnum
August 26 - 31Jacqueline Franchina