Pet Cemetery

Along the woodland trail, leading to Inspiration Stump, is a place that honors the incredible bond between people and their pets. Just as the human spirit lives on beyond physical life, our cherished pets find peace and joy in the afterlife, and – through their love – remain connected to their beloved people still on the earth plane.

Fifth Annual Lily Dale Pet Remembrance Celebration – July 26, 2016 at 6:30pm, Pet Cemetery
We hold this celebration to honor and remember the animals and pets that have transitioned to Spirit who rest in our Lily Dale Pet Cemetery as well as all pets that are in Spirit.

The legend is that on February 13, 1900, the Lily Dale Pet Cemetery was created when horses fell through the ice on Cassadaga Lake during “Ice Harvesting”. These horses was eventually taken from the icy waters and transported up South Street to the Leolyn Woods. Topsy, who was a beloved pet and worker for Lily Dale, along with the “Brown Horse” who worked on the grounds, are both buried in a special place in the Pet Cemetery along with many cherished pets of the residents of Lily Dale. The Pet Guardian Angel Memorial, St. Francis Memorial and Pet Remembrance Board provide areas to remember and honor the pets we hold in memory as their Spirit lives on.

Please join us for a short memorial service to honor our beloved pets that have transitioned into Spirit and remain dear to our hearts forever. You may honor your pet that has passed into Spirit but is not buried in the cemetery by bringing a photograph and short prayer or story to share during the ceremony. We will be able to leave a small pebble or flower in remembrance of our beloved pets.

Please join us in gentle music, prayer, and remembrance of the joy we shared with our companion animals.

From a Spiritual perspective we are once again reconnecting with what we have known since the beginning of time that we are and always will be interconnected with animals and nature.