The Fox Memorial Garden

Fox Sisters Memorial Garden

It was in the Fox Family Cottage in Hydesville, New York where the sisters Kate & Maggie Fox first made contact with the spirit of Charles B. Rosna on March 31, 1848.

That day was considered the beginning of modern American Spiritualism.
The Fox Cottage was transported in sections to Lily Dale and reassembled there in 1915.  For many years Spiritualists from around the world visited the Cottage to honor Spiritualism and the Fox Sisters.  Sadly the Cottage burned down in September of 1955.  All the remains from the fire were buried within the basement and covered over with soil. Today we maintain this garden in memory of those humble beginnings.  And we hope that you, too, will use this peaceful and revered place in meditation to connect with your spiritual history and open to your higher thoughts and your own spirit within.

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