NWF Community Wildlife Habitat

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) certified the Lily Dale Assembly as a “NWF Community Wildlife Habitat” in 2016. The Environmental Committee successfully created this habitat with the cooperation of Lily Dale Assembly members.  Lily Dale is one of only two communities in New York State to achieve this certification.

The NWF celebrated Lily Dale Assembly’s continuing efforts to create and maintain garden spaces that improve the habitat for birds, butterflies, frogs and other wild life.  These garden spaces and special woodland areas provide the essential elements needed by all wild life, such as natural food sources, clean water, cover, and places to raise their young.  You can see some examples of our supportive building efforts around Lily Dale, including new bat houses in the parks and the Purple Martin house at the beach.

We invite you to visit the following nature areas that promote our woods and wildlife.  There you will find signs that share information about our thriving and beautiful flora and fauna.

  • Lakeside Rain Garden opposite the Maplewood Hotel;
  • Our Old-growth Forest, The Leolyn Woods;
  • The Leolyn Woods Nature Trail beginning at the corner of South Street and East Street;
  • The Boulevard Nature Trail beginning at Fox Cottage Meditation Garden;
  • The Butterfly Habitat opposite the Lily Dale Cafeteria in the Caldwell Park area.
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