Recommendations for Readings

  • True success is a three-way connection between the medium, client and spirit.
  • Arrive at the session with a positive and open attitude. It elevates your connection.
  • Please arrive promptly as most mediums prepare themselves by quiet time and meditation prior to an appointment.
  • Respect the process of each medium, and their abilities to bring loved ones and their messages.
  • Let the mediums know if you understand as well, or if you need more clarity.
  • Confirmation and validation are helpful to the outcome of a successful reading.
  • Please ask clear and focused questions.
  • If you are unsure about anything, ask the medium to explain.  A medium realizes when the connection is over.
  • Please do not prolong the session, when the contacts are closed.
  • Occasionally a medium and client may decide that another medium may be more suitable. Be truthful and courteous.
  • A successful reading will uplift and inspire you and the medium. It often includes philosophy of Natural Law, contact with loved ones, guides and teachers, as well as prophecy.
  • Mediums and their guides are not fortune-tellers.  You are guided with free will that allows you to make choices in life.
  • This is a sacred and honored opportunity for you to have evidence of eternal life and inspiration through verbal healing. Be grateful for the guidance it provides.
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