Registered Mediums

The Mediums individually set their appointments and fees. Some of your questions may be answered on the FAQ page. Fees will vary. Please make sure to ask about length of time, fee and taping before scheduling your reading. Fees and quality are not necessarily reflective. Please contact individual mediums directly for their detailed information.

Appointments are HIGHLY recommended

Lily Dale Assembly cannot guarantee the availability of individual registered mediums. Please do not call the Lily Dale Assembly office to arrange personal consultations.

Medium Services are also available during the off season.

MediumLily Dale AddressTelephoneEmailWebsite
Victor Abbott16 Fourth St(716) 969-2482EMAILWWW
Jackie Avis3 First Street(216) 970-3429WWW
James Barnum9 Second Street(716) 595-3644EMAIL
Patricia Bell1 Fourth Street(716) 595-2332EMAILWWW
Debra Boardman3 Marion Street(716) 595-2621WWW
Sherry Lee Calkins16 Marion Street(716) 595-3174EMAILWWW
Gretchen Clark11 Marion Street(716) 595-3380EMAILWWW
Ellie McCabe Cratsley10 Cleveland Avenue(716) 595-3551WWW
Janice L. Dreshman12 South Street(716) 595-2467EMAILWWW
Sharon Earsing11 Third Street(716) 595-3895
Celeste Elliott19 First Street(716) 589-0701EMAILWWW
Kathy Elliott19 First Street(716) 467-8125EMAILWWW
Lynne Forget20 Second Street(716) 595-2194EMAILWWW
Jaccolin Franchina1 South Street(716) 595-3661WWW
Jessie Furst17 Cleveland Avenue(716) 595-2482
Carol Gasber3 Library Street(716) 595-3590
B. Anne Gehman16 Cleveland Avenue(716) 595-2019WWW
Connie Griffith22 Second St(720) 432-4317EMAILWWW
Brenda Hawkins5 Buffalo Street(716) 595-2049
Sharon Hill5 Fourth Street(716) 413-2491WWW
Paul Hodges8 Cleveland Ave(716)595-3996
Martie Hughes14 Third Street(716) 595-3754EMAILWWW
Gregory Kehn8 Cottage Row(716) 595-3529EMAILWWW
Kimberly Kelleher10 South Street(716) 595-2667EMAILWWW
Sharon Anne Klingler2 Melorose Pk.
(Lower part of bookstore)
(440) 871-5446WWW
E. Gerta Lestock2 Second Street(716) 595-2434WWW
Patty Lillis2 Cleveland Avenue(716) 595-3916
Eileen McClure6 Second Street(716) 595-2724
Mary Ockuly2 Buffalo Street(716) 595-3724
Sharon Pieri17 South Street(716) 595-2848EMAILWWW
Patricia Price
15 Buffalo Street(716) 595-3008EMAILWWW
MK Roland28 South Street(716) 203-1530
Peggy Rogers2 Third Street(814) 881-9047
Tom Rugani14-16 Buffalo Street(716) 595-8291
Neal Rzepkowski15 Second Street (side entrance)(716) 665-0768EMAIL
Jake Samoyedny16 3rd Street(914) 227-5398EMAILWWW
Barbara Sanson7 Cleveland Avenue(716) 595-2676EMAILWWW
Kathleen Salyers18 Second St(716) 467-5848EMAILWWW
Kris Seastedt-Richard15 Second St(716) 499-9773EMAILWWW
Joseph Shiel III16 First Street(716) 785-9849EMAILWWW
Patricia Stranahan14 North Street(716) 595-3949EMAILWWW
Elaine Thomas7 Library Street(716) 595-3939WWW
Lauren Thibodeau4 Library StreetTEXT 646-580-9493EMAILWWW
Stephanie Turachak1 Library Street(716) 595-2259EMAILWWW
Colleen Vanderzyden15 First Street(716) 672-9751EMAILWWW
Bonnie White20 North Street(716) 595-3417EMAILWWW
John White3 Cleveland Avenue(716) 595-3752EMAILWWW
Pam White3 Melrose Park(716) 595-3927
Willa White17 North Street(716) 595-3755EMAILWWW
Lynne Wiltsie1 Second Street(716) 595-2027
Shirley Yusczyk7 Marion Street(716) 595-2433EMAILWWW