2:30 Service in the Auditorium

The auditorium is a historic part of Lily Dale and has been the scene of many remarkable events. Built in 1883, it is the center of activities during the summer season. Sunday Worship Services are held there at 10:30am each week by our two local churches: The Lily Dale Spiritualist Church and The Church of the Living Spirit. The public is welcome at these services and all other activities advertised on the grounds.

Each afternoon, seven days a week, there is a service in the auditorium featuring a speaker and a clairvoyant from 2:30 – 3:30pm.


2:30 Service in the Auditorium

Chairpersons - 2017
June 30Tom RuganiLynne ForgetCarol Gasber
July 1Tom RuganiJohn PaananenTBA
July 2Tom RuganiJohn WhiteEileen McClure
July 3Tom RuganiBobbie CaswellVictor Abbott
July 4Tom RuganiColleen KulikowskiShirley Yusczyk
July 5Tom RuganiCara SeekingsSharon Hill
July 6Tom RuganiBonnie WoodsE. Gerta Lestock
July 7Tom RuganiLucinda WilsonJames Barnum
July 8Tom RuganiRon SkowronskiPatricia Price
July 9Jay CookeConnie GriffithWilla White
July 10Jay CookeJewel RozanskiConnie Griffith
July 11Jay CookeWilliam WhiteBonnie White
July 12Jay CookeJohn RogersDeborah Boardman
July 13Jay CookeJohn WhiteColleen Vanderzyden
July 14Jay CookeRon RobertsonSherry Lee Calkins
July 15Jay CookeJames KinnearSharon Pieri
July 16Dennis MorleyCyndi PirogStephanie Turachak
July 17Dennis MorleyAddariah WaughSimon Caudullo
July 18Dennis MorleyKathleen SalyersElaine Thomas
July 19Dennis MorleyPaul HodgesGretchen Clark
July 20Dennis MorleySusan BarnesSherry Lee Calkins
July 21Dennis MorleyEileen McClureMedium’s League Executive Board
July 22Dennis MorleyNeal RzepkowskiJanice Dreshman
July 23Bonnie WoodsSherry Lee CalkinsPatricia Stranahan
July 24Bonnie WoodsMK RolandJanice Dreshman
July 25Bonnie WoodsSimon CaudulloKris Seastedt
July 26Bonnie WoodsDennis MorleyCeleste Elliott
July 27Bonnie WoodsEllen BournSharon Klingler
July 28Bonnie WoodsKimberly KelleherCeleste Elliott
July 29Bonnie WoodsMandi SheppGretchen Clark
July 30Brecht SaelensJay CookeJake Samoyedny
July 31Brecht SaelensJohn WhiteMargaret Ferris
August 1Brecht SaelensTom CratsleyJoseph Shiel
August 2Brecht SaelensBonnie WoodsLynne Forget
August 3Brecht SaelensGretchen ClarkDeborah Boardman
August 4Hilary BartlettJames KinnearAddariah Waugh
August 5Hilary BartlettLynn JankowskiBrenda Ropp
August 6Hilary BartlettGillian EdwardsSandra Waytowich
August 7Hilary BartlettBrenda PhilpMarlene Glauser
August 8Jake SamoyednyRon RobertsonJessie Furst
August 9Jake SamoyednyEd WilliamsBrecht Saelens
August 10Jake SamoyednyJeweline RozanskiCarol Gasber
August 11Jake SamoyednySharon HillNeal Rzepkowski
August 12Jan CookeRon SkowronskiColleen Vanderzyden
August 13Jan CookeBobbie CaswellBrenda Hawkins
August 14Jan CookeCyndi PirogTom Rugani
August 15Jan CookeCharles EmmonsConnie Griffith
August 16Jan CookeCeleste ElliottPeggy Rogers
August 17Jan CookeJay CookeSharon Klingler
August 18Jan CookeJames KinnearSharon Pieri
August 19Jan CookeEllen BournSharon Hill
August 20Addariah WaughNeal RzepkowskiEileen McClure
August 21Addariah WaughCara SeekingsPaul Hodges
August 22Addariah WaughLucinda WilsonE. Gerta Lestock
August 23Addariah WaughBobbie CaswellSharon Klingler
August 24Addariah WaughJim BarnumGregory Kehn
August 25Addariah WaughVictor AbbottTammarishka Kerman
August 26Addariah WaughBernard PayneSharon Pieri
August 27Joanne Copley-NigroTeresa SchaefferSimon Caudullo
August 28Joanne Copley-NigroWilla WhiteBrenda Hawkins
August 29Joanne Copley-NigroJohn PaananenMary Ockuly
August 30Joanne Copley-NigroDennis MorleyBarbara Sanson
August 31Joanne Copley-NigroColleen KulikowskiVictor Abbott
September 1Joanne Copley-NigroJake SamoednyShirley Yusczyk
September 2Joanne Copley-NigroPatricia PriceJessie Furst
September 3Joanne Copley-NigroBonnie WoodsKathleen Salyers
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