Sunday Auditorium Services

Worship Service – 10:30 am


Held in our historic Auditorium, the Sunday morning Spiritualist Worship Service is conducted on alternating Sundays by the Lily Dale Spiritualist Church and the Church of the Living Spirit. Besides the beautiful music and inspiring lecture in each service, both healing and public mediumship demonstration will also be shared.

Sunday July 2Lily Dale Spiritualist ChurchDawn SkinnerTom Rugani
Sunday July 9Church of The Living SpiritJewel RozanskiLisa Williams
Sunday July 16Lily Dale Spiritualist ChurchJohn PaananenGretchen Clark
Sunday July 23Church of The Living SpiritSara SaelensBrecht Saelens
Sunday July 30Lily Dale Spiritualist ChurchBobbie CaswellMichael Pillsbury
Sunday August 6Church of The Living SpiritJohn WhiteKindra McCabe
Sunday August 13Lily Dale Spiritualist ChurchTom RuganiGretchen Clark
Sunday August 20Church of The Living SpiritNeal RzepkowskiMargaret Ferris
Sunday August 27Lily Dale Spiritualist ChurchRaymond TaftBobbie Caswell
Sunday September 3Church of The Living SpiritPatricia BellE Gerta Lestock

All Message Service

Sundays, 4:00 pm – Auditorium

On Sunday afternoon one of our mediums performs a weekly message service in our beautiful Auditorium. This All Message Service is a unique opportunity to experience a single medium as he or she shares spirit messages for many people in the audience.


Sunday July 2Tammarishka Kerman
Sunday July 9Kimberly Kelleher
Sunday July 16Shirley Yusczyk
Sunday July 23Gretchen Clark
Sunday July 30Sharon Klingler
Sunday August 6Patti Tomczyk/Angela Morra
Sunday August 13Gregory Kehn
Sunday August 20TBA
Sunday August 27Connie Griffith
Sunday September 3Margaret Ferris
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